20 Years of
Software Creation

Let's make something amazing

I'm Demetrio

I am celebrating 20 years of full stack software development. I have created large and small software applications and they all share something in common... Underpinning each project is dedication to quality. From the initial design, to build, user testing and deployment.

Software is complex and unless quality is enforced every step of the way it will break. That's why so many software projects fail.. ensure quality and your application will work - for a long time.

I am here to help you solve your business problems with technology. We can build databases, on line systems, snazzy user interfaces either in Windows, MS Office, the Web and for Apple IOS devices using the latest and greatest Swift.

Full Stack
Software Development

Gather requirements, design, create, implement, test and deploy

Database Development

Database Development

Build powerful SQL Server databases for servicing business needs. Fast, robust design patterns utilizing the power of Microsoft's flagship database system.

.Net Development

MS .NET Development

Build applications using Visual Studio 2019 and the powerful Microsoft .NET Framework. Applications include ASP.NET Core, Razor, ASP.NET, WinForms, Background Services, WPF, WCF, Soap Web Services and more...

Office Development

MS Office Development

Fast track software development using Access, Excel, Word and Outlook. Extensive experience and knowledge of Office applications, VBA and Visual Studio plugins that harness the power of .NET and Office Applications.

IOS Development

Apple IOS Development

Using Native XCode and Swift to create beautiful and powerful iPhone and iPad apps. Take advantage of CocoaPods libraries to fast track regularly used components without wasting resources to re-invent the wheel.

Spark your imagination.. allow the technology to service your business needs. Keep it simple but stylish and functional.
What can you expect?

What can software do for your business?

Here is some information about the work plan when building new software.

Business Case

Business Case

Before we start gathering requirements let talk about why you need custom software development in the first place.

Is it the best option for you? Does it help save money or make the business more productive? Is there an option already available to suits your business needs?

The Build Process

Build Process

  • Engage with power users to gather requirements. See what frustrations arise from the current systems.
  • Build a data model that allows the system to grow. Don't think short-term.
  • Mock-up and prototype the user interfaces. They should be simple, reusable, clear and stylish.
  • Build small parts at a time and get user feedback as soon as possible.

Install, Support

One of the benefits of custom software is that the person who wrote the code is close by when things go wrong. Being able to fix problems quickly will mitigate any difficulties that arise.

Quality is ensured every step of the way. Applications that I have written over 20 years ago are still in operation with only minimal modification over the years.

The Software

Building software is a complex process. Full Stack means experience in the build and implementation of each layer of the software and it's infrastructure.

Software Categories

Software applications that I have built from scratch brokend down into categories.


  • Payroll system with entitlements tracking
  • Tax Calculator (COM) component for Excel & Office integration
  • Distribution of Company shares and bonus


  • Financial transactions, invoicing and reporting
  • Statement of accounts & BAS reporting
  • MYOB API Cloud integration via Oauth 2.0


  • Time recording & unit goal tracking for employees
  • Project management with time expenses
  • Time per project task recording & Time to Invoice Allocation


  • Fixed, time based and task based invoicing integrating with MYOB Web API
  • Expense automation linked to office equipment e.g photocopying
  • Client based complex rate schedules


  • Database to store market data for US Stocks and Crypto Currencies
  • Analysis engine and trading Simulations
  • Build Trading Bots using Interactive Brokers API, Binance API and Bitfinex API

Data Conversion

  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool for importing large volumes of legal inquiry data across three agencies (Legal Aid, CLC and Law Access)
  • Standardisation of data relating to services and products for Brambles Cleanaway
  • Import trade, deposit and withdrawal data from cryptocurrency exchanges


  • On-line medical system capturing over 1800 data entry points during examinations
  • Detailed graphs showing green orange and red zones for indicating danger
  • Data export routines to facilitate statistic analysis and research using SPSS

Events Management

  • Online nomination forms for annual Justice Awards presentation.
  • Data synchronization from on-line to local data stores
  • On-line ticket purchasing using PayPal for annual Justice Awards function.

Web Applications

  • Content management system with windows installed macro enabled editor.
  • 360° Evaluation questionnaire delivered over with web to staff respondents.
  • Email plugin allowing allocation of emails to projects that has shared access.